Firm Foundations


This is an updated edition with revisions made after the original was used in more than
200 people groups.

1. Pre-Evangelism
2. Guidelines for Evangelism
3. Developing and Teaching Phase 1 Lesson Layout
4. Bible Lesson Preparation Process
5. What to do when there is little or no response

Building on Firm Foundations (Revised Edition)
Maps and Charts to be used with chronological teaching.
Chronological Maps & Charts
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This student study guide is used in conjunction with the Firm Foundations:Creation to Christ Bible study.

Firm Foundations, Adult Study Guide
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This is the third Bible Study in the Firm Foundations Chronological series.
Firm Foundations: Acts (Original Version)
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This study guide accompanies the Acts (Revised) Teacher's Guide.  It provides participants with an outlined page for note taking during each lesson and two pages of short-answer questions to engage students in what they learned.  Answer key is provided.
Firm Foundations: Acts (Revised) Study Guide
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This study of the book of Acts teaches the historical record of the early Church.

Firm Foundations: Acts (Revised) Teacher's Guide
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